Top 10 things to See in Germany

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Germany is a vast country for travelling. It is a well-developed country with a high standard of living which is known for its rich cultural and political history. It consist of 16 states and its capital is Berlin. However, I wouldn’t just go there. Make sure you check out Munich (with its selection of Munich holiday apartments) and Cologne, amongst the other sites listed below.

The following are the top 10 things to See in Germany.

Top 10 things to see in Berlin

Top 10 things to see in Germany – Photo by Eleephotography

Top 10 things to See in Germany

1. Brandenburg gate located in Berlin

This gate is the symbol of Germany. The gate was built in the 1791 and it was a symbol for peace. One of its amazing features evident on this gate is that it is crowned with a victory goddess, who is riding a chariot with four horses. The Brandenburg gate stood in the middle of the East Berlin and the West Berlin when it (Berlin) was divided. This a good place to visit and see this gate.

2. The Cologne Cathedral

This important monument in Germany took 600 years to complete this architectural masterpiece. During the world war, when there were bombing in Cologne, the cathedral survived the bombing because it was the only building standing. People said that its survival was a divine intervention.

Cologne Cathedral

3. Weimer City

It’s located in Thuringia. This city is the culture heart of Germany. This city has been a pilgrimage site and is the birthplace for the movement of Bauhaus.

4. Neuschwanstein Castle

It’s a famous castle in the world. It is located in Bavaria and its one of the photographed building while in Germany. It located on a mountain top, overlooking the vast and dense forest of Bavaria.

Neuschwanstein Castle #1

5. Dresden Frauenkirche

During the world war this building was destroyed and it collapsed and was left untouched for a period of 40 years which had to be a great reminder of war powers.

6. Trier

It’s considered to be one of the cities that are old in Germany. Was founded in the 16 B.C. The city was used as a residential area for roman emperors.

7. Berlin

This city is the capital for Germany. The city is full of culture. Berlin connects both the western culture and the eastern culture. One can go and have a good time visiting this “sexy city” as many people describe Berlin.

8. Paulskirche

This church is referred to as the cradle of democracy in Germany. This church was used by the politicians for their political meetings. Today this church is used exhibitions.


9. Main Tower

While on top of this tower, one is able to have a spectacular view of the Frankfurt, and it’s open for the whole public.

10. Romerberg

It’s also referred to as the Roman mountain and it was built in the 1405.It’s the heart of historic of the Frankfurt city. The square has houses made of timber. The square was also used for trading.

Romerberg Platz_Frankfurt

Find the perfect place to stay in all the cities in Germany and ensure you make the most of these top 10 things to do.

Have you visited Germany before? Add to our list of top 10 things to See in Germany by commenting below!

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