Top 10 things to Eat in the UK

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Top 10 things to eat in the UK

Top 10 things to eat in the UK – Afternoon Tea by eyesofrc

Foodie or not, a holiday to the UK is a treat for all the senses.  While not all of the different types of food below are not considered culinary delights, they can’t be missed. And these are our top 10 things to eat in the UK.

So, find your holiday accommodation at, grab a fork and dig in!

Top 10 things to Eat in the UK

Afternoon Tea

The tradition of afternoon tea started in the nineteenth century as a way for the upper classes to stave off hunger between lunch and dinner.  Taking tea soon became popular and is enjoyed just as much today with cake stands piled high with miniature sandwiches, dainty cakes and scones served with clotted cream and jam served in tearooms across the UK.  Delicious!


The national dish of Scotland is always enjoyed on Burns Night but those with a weak stomach may be slightly put off by the ingredients which include sheep’s pluck encased in the stomach lining.

For those brave enough to taste it, it’s a delicious part of a Burns Supper served with neeps and tatties, washed down with a dram of whisky!  Alternatively you could take part in haggis hurling and see how far you can throw the Scottish delicacy!

Cornish pasty

There’s nothing better for a quick lunch than a freshly baked Cornish pasty.  First made as a portable lunch for the region’s tin miners, these flaky pastry pockets are filled with a traditional mixture of steak, potato, swede and onions and have a characteristic crimped handle.

Top 10 things to eat in the UK

Top 10 things to eat in the UK – Cornish Pasty by 9796108@N07

Stargazey Pie

This Cornish pie was first baked in Mousehole to celebrate the local man who saved the village from near starvation following a severe storm.  A celebration takes place every December and numerous fish and potato pies are made with the fish heads staring skywards.  A must if you travel to Cornwall on a foodie break.

Grasmere gingerbread

The smell of Sarah Nelson’s gingerbread permeates the Lakeland village of Grasmere so it’s no wonder that people come from far and wide to taste it.  Very little has changed here since gingerbread was first made in the nineteenth century and today the secret recipe is kept under lock and key at the local bank.

Top 10 things to eat in the UK

Top 10 things to eat in the UK – Gingerbread – Photo by beckayork

Laverbread and cockles

Despite its name, laverbread is not bread at all but a type of edible seaweed which is commonly eaten in Wales.  It’s best enjoyed fried with cockles and bacon as part of a Welsh breakfast alongside a freshly brewed pot of tea.  Heaven on a plate!

Yorkshire Pudding

A Sunday roast just isn’t complete with a Yorkshire pudding; a huge crispy mound of batter which is perfect with plenty of gravy.  There’s no proof that the pudding originated in Yorkshire-indeed there is plenty of evidence of batter puddings across Europe-but a Yorkshire cook by the name of Hannah Glasse did rename the dripping pudding in 1747 and the name has stuck ever since.

Top 10 things to eat in the UK

Top 10 things to eat in the UK – Yorkshire Puddings by mhaithaca

Potato bread

The Irish are known for a love of potatoes and this extends to the daily bread where leftover mashed potato is combined with flour to make potato bread.  The potato bread is cooked on a griddle pan and is served hot with butter as part of a traditional Irish breakfast or with a piping hot stew; yum!

Jellied Eels

The jellied eel is a traditional East London dish which was a popular and cheap source of protein for the city’s poor in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  The eel is cut into rounds and boiled with vinegar to produce a jelly-like substance.  Today you’ll find jellied eels served at East End pie and mash shops such as the Manze pie shop which has been open since 1902.

Top 10 things to eat in the UK

Top 10 things to eat in the UK – Jellied Eels – Photo by Wordridden

Pork pie

The Melton Mowbray Pork Pie is a family picnic favourite as it is usually eaten cold and can either be cut into slices or bought in individual portions.  Roughly chopped cured pork and pork jelly is encased in pastry which has a characteristic, buttery crunch.  The pie which is from a Leicestershire town was recently awarded ‘protected designation of origin’ meaning that a Melton Mowbray pie cannot be made anywhere else.

If you want to instead get away from the UK and try some delicious Canadian food like Poutine, then you should book a flight to Canada now!

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