Top 10 things to Eat in Holland

| February 28, 2013

Hollands cuisine is one of the top attractions for tourists, besides weed and tulips, of course. Thankfully, every city can offer a wide range of cafes and restaurants that gladly welcome both the Dutch and foreign visitors and delight them with fancy and delicious masterpieces of local chiefs. And these are the top 10 things to eat in Holland.

Top 10 things to Eat in Holland

Top 10 things to eat in Holland, Stroopwaffles

Top 10 things to eat in Holland – Stroopwaffles


Surprisingly, Gouda is famous not only for its cheese dairies and market, but as an origin place of Dutch waffles, common desert meal in Holland. More precisely, they are called “Stroopwaffles”, filled with caramel syrup. One can see them on the shelves of every supermarket, as well as on local markets and vendor shops.


Seafood is no doubt the most widespread gourmet allurement in Dutch cuisine. Especially, it is related to dishes made of herring. This very fish has raised numerous traditions in the country; for instance, there are plenty of festivals and celebrations dedicated to herringfishing, degustation of herring dishes on open-air banquets and auctions and regattas during the first weeks of June. Dutch people are recognized the “inventors” of herring kippering.

Split Pea Soup or Snert

In winter season, on the contrary, a culinary supremacy is gained by a split pea soup. In Holland it is called “a snert”.Quality of the prepared soup is evaluated with a help of a wooden spoon – if it does not fall in the pot, the soup is cooked correctly, being thick and rich.


Excellent and delicious Dutch cheeses are a fact of common knowledge. The significant number of cheese sorts made in Holland is offered around the world, investing in their popularity as tourist attraction. One can name Gouda, Leerdammer, Edam, Maasdam, Leyden, which are made in Dutch dairies.

Top 10 things to eat in Holland - Cheese

Top 10 things to eat in Holland – Cheese. Photo by: jlastras

It is also recommended that you visit some of the cheese markets, where this product is sold on lower prices and there is no doubt in its quality. They include Alkmaar, Gouda, Edam, Hoorn, etc.


Regardless French origin, croquettes “succeeded” among Dutch people as well. It is a light meal, accompanying alcohol or some other beverages.  Croquettes are considered the national dish, specifically when it comes to bitterballen – meat balls, fried to a crisp.

Indonesian Takeaways

For many centuries Indonesia was a colony of the Dutch Kingdom. Hence, presence of Indonesian restaurants in the country is obvious and, moreover, some colonial culinary recipes essentially penetrated in Holland dining traditions, including rice dishes served with some exotic sauces. The most visited are Tempo Doeloe, Kantjil & De Tijger, and Sama Sebo.


The other desert of national importance is a rice pie, usually called “vlaii”. Its basic component is yeast dough, which is draped with rice and baked with apricots.

Liquorice Candy

Dutch people are fans of liquorice candies despite their salty and bitter taste and black or brown color. Locals call them “dropies”. They might be purchased in shops and supermarkets, as well as in cosmetic saloons and drug stores.


As many of its neighbors, Holland is also a country of beer lovers. There are plenty of brands and sorts, among which there are world-famous “Heineken”, a crown jewel of national production, “Amstel”, “Bavaria”, “Grolsch” and many others.


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Top 10 things to eat in Holland – Weed

Weed goes without saying. It is legal, it is widespread, and it is always in demand, especially among foreign visitors. This must-try thing is a true record-holder and Holland coffeeshops are always pleased to greet new-comers. Make sure you also check out this Amsterdam Guide for your next trip.

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