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Briefly put; we provide a top 10 travel list resource that travellers can quickly check out before or during their stay everywhere around the world. We want to know the worlds Top 10 places to; eat some delicious (or weird) food, see the most extraordinary sights, and do the best activities.

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It makes it really easy for us if you just a follow a few simple (but necessary) rules.

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Article Relevance: This site is called “Top 10 Things to Eat, See and Do” so we need exactly that. A list of top 10 travel tips from anywhere in the world which can be titled at the beginning with one of these three titles:

  • Top 10 Things to Eat
  • Top 10 Things to See
  • Top 10 Things to Do

The articles can be from any city, region, country, continent or even worldwide. Some examples of appropriate titles are; Top 10 things to Eat in London. Or Top 10 things to See in the United Kingdom. Or Top 10 things to Do in Europe.

Article length: All articles should be between 350 – 1000 words in length.

Photographs: We love LOTS of photographs. If they are your own original photographs then please upload them to our website exactly where you want them to appear in the post. You may include small watermarks if you wish. You can also include photos as links from a photo sharing site such as Flickr. Please Note: All pictures must be 900px along the width and high quality. If you do not use your own photos then please make sure they are properly credited as per Creative Commons laws.

Related Links: We want to thank our contributors and the best way to do that is by allowing back links. Therefore you may include a maximum of TWO relevant links back to your own PERSONAL travel related website or travel blog. These must be related to the post. For example, if you submit a “Top 10 Things To Eat in New Zealand” post then you may wish to link to a New Zealand related post on your own travel blog.

Commercial Links: If you link to a commercial website or blog we will remove those links. If you want to include commercial links please check out our Advertising Page and contact us directly to find out how you can contribute to our travel community.

Rights: Your content must be unique. We only accept previously unpublished material and hold exclusive rights for 6 months. We keep your article archived on the web indefinitely. If after 6 months you choose to run your article or a close version of it somewhere else, including your own travel blog, we request that you re-title the piece and you credit and link to the original post on “Top 10 Things To” insofar as it is in your control.

Author Bio: You do NOT need to include a bio at the bottom of each article because you can include your appropriate Social Media pages and Websites in your Author Profile Page. This will show up on every article you have published.


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